Frequently Asked Questions

PLANSurveyor TM …the ultimate building survey solution developed by I Q T, is designed to allow a surveyor to methodically and systematically traverse rooms within a building, precisely capturing all unique building elements in the process.  This rigorous, self-checking surveying methodology assists surveyors in producing graphical field data that is accurate, consistent, and thorough.  Also, because PLANSurveyor TM was developed by building surveyors for the sole purpose of "as-is" in-field floor plan creation, it has the distinction of being the most technologically advanced and feature-rich program of its kind.

For over twenty years, we have made it our mission to engineer the survey process and methodology in an effort to maximize efficiency, increase accuracy, and minimize costs.  Using state-of-the-art laser distance meters, Tablet PC's and PLANSurveyor TM , coupled with our time-tested methodologies, we have increased the accuracy while reducing the survey time, in addition to eliminating costly and disruptive return visits to the field.  This unique and innovative approach, consisting of hardware, software and knowledge, is what we refer to as the "I Q T Survey SystemTM".  Because PLANSurveyor TM is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface, this technology has been embraced and employed by some of America's leading higher education institutions, medical centers, pharmaceutical companies, municipalities and architectural firms as their tool of choice for accurate "as-is" architectural floor plan documentation.

Our list of satisfied clients is comprised of a wide array of industries and market segments. To date, we boast users in the following arenas: healthcare, educational, municipal, commercial, industrial, architectural, engineering, interior design, facilities services, and building survey firms.

In order to use a specific layering scheme or custom blocks, one would simply import a [DWG® or DXF® file format] drawing containing these layers and blocks.  PLANSurveyor TM  will now make those symbols and objects (blocks) available and will maintain all the custom layers.

Yes, many of our clients have used PLANSurveyor TM just for verifying and editing existing CAD drawings. CAD drawings [residing in either DWG® or DXF® file formats] can be imported into PLANSurveyor TM for editing purposes and exported back into the CAD system of choice.

When the starting point and the endpoint of a room or space are within established tolerances, PLANSurveyor TM will “Auto-Close” the room.  It adjusts one or two dimensions in order for the start point and end point to be the same exact point. This eliminates the need to “fillet or trim” the intersections in your CAD system.

PLANSurveyor TM  employs the geometric technique of triangulation, which is commonly used in civil engineering and land surveying, to calculate angles.  PLANSurveyor TM prompts the operator through the process graphically, so there is no need to be a trigonometry expert.

Yes, Bluetooth® wireless data transmission technology is available on specific Leica DISTOTM Laser Distance Meters and Fujitsu Stylistic® Tablet models.  However, please note that experience shows that between 15% - 25% of all field captured dimensions are still obtained from the steel tape measure.  This includes all measurements less than 2”, which is too close to be measured by the laser distance meter, as well as some dimensions which are not conducive to easily being measured with the laser distance meter (i.e.: wall thicknesses).

PLANSurveyor TM , since its inception, has always maintained dual compatibility with both the U.S. Customary [Imperial] and SI [Metric] system of measurements.  When employing the U.S. Customary system of measurement, it is only natural to input and display the measurements in architectural format [foot – inch – fraction of an inch].  Throughout its development, PLANSurveyor TM  has always emulated the output displayed on the most popular model of the Leica DISTOTM Laser Distance Meter.  The latest release of PLANSurveyor TM  allows the user to input to a precision of 1/16th of an inch, and allows for the input of fractional inch denominators [ /2, /4, /8, /16], exactly as it is displayed on the latest line of Leica DISTOTM Laser Distance Meters.  By recording each measurement in architectural format [foot – inch – fraction of an inch] PLANSurveyor TM  maintains the dimensional integrity of each drawing.  This dimensional integrity may be architecturally compromised if the input were to be recorded at another level of precision or units [i.e.: decimal feet].  When your survey requires measurements which employ the SI system of measurement, then the choice is simple as PLANSurveyor TM  accepts input and records precision to the millimeter.

Using AutoCAD® on a Tablet is a distant second choice for creating as-built floor plans.  PLANSurveyor TM  is the de-facto standard in software designed specifically for creating “as-is” building documentation.  Because it focuses on creating and editing as-built drawings, it minimizes the clicks/keystrokes required to accurately document any given space.  In addition, AutoCAD® was not designed as a stylus/touch enabled application (as evident through the extensive use of its command line interface) so it does not optimize the use of the hardware.

Yes, these Tablets are equipped with the Microsoft Windows® 10 operating system and Intel® processors with plenty of memory to run applications such as Microsoft Office®, AutoCAD®, and CAFM software packages.

Most Tablets are equipped with LAN/WLAN/WWAN connections.  The files created by PLANSurveyor TM  are extremely compact, minimizing transmission time of the electronic files.

Yes, PLANSurveyor TM  can operate on a desktop, notebook, or Tablet.  Using PLANSurveyor TM  on a notebook can be a good option, if you have:

  ●  a notebook computer already
  ●  no hardware budget
  ●  empty buildings to survey
  ●  minimal exterior survey work
  ●  single level buildings

However, the PLANSurveyor TM  software has been optimized specifically as a stylus/touch enabled application, therefore the most efficient operation is using it on a Tablet.

Yes, in fact it is encouraged!  Recent developments resulting in decreased size and weight of the hardware components, coupled with advanced Bluetooth® wireless communication technology and PLANSurveyor TM  optimized interface has allowed a sole operator to produce at a rate even greater than that of a two person team.

Again, PLANSurveyor TM  is the de-facto standard in software designed specifically for creating as-built floor plans.  To use any other software for creating as-built floor plans will be a compromise.  Windows Mobile® computing devices do not have adequate screen displays for working with drawings.  We have tested smaller screen displays, but we have found that floor plans displayed on a PDA sized screen are not practical for working with building drawings.

Simply put, Knowledge Transfer!

We begin each training session with the statement, "PLANSurveyor TM  is the easiest program a user will ever learn next to Windows Solitaire®!”  As a testament to that claim, we are confident that every user trained to date would agree.  However, our workshops are not limited to software training alone.  You see, PLANSurveyor TM  is just one component (albeit the most important) of the I Q T Survey SystemTM, a system that consists of software, hardware, and methodology.  It is this methodology, which has evolved and has been developed for over twenty years in harmony with PLANSurveyor TM , that is succinctly and summarily presented and our “Knowledge Transferred.”  So, whether you are a seasoned and experienced surveyor (or Architect), or a novice ready to embark on a new vocation, our two-day workshop is all that you will need to maximize your return on investment and be producing at peak productivity immediately and confidently!

On the surface, yes; but consider the following.  The purchase price of the I Q T Survey SystemTM has an average simple payback of under 75,000 g.s.f. of as-built floor plan documentation.  If you are serious about producing as-built floor plan documentation, then the system may be bought and paid for with smaller jobs long before you “land the big one.”  Next, by investing in the system now, you will be in an enviable position that will allow you to produce a more favorable bid than your competition, thereby being awarded more and larger projects as a result of ownership of the most accurate and cost effective solution of its kind.  Further, due to hardware delivery lead times and scheduled training availability, you may not be in a position to realize the system's payback when that big project is awarded and needs to commence immediately.  Finally, as a licensed user of PLANSurveyor TM  and the I Q T Survey SystemTM, you are in a unique position to tap into our growing user base (or be engaged as a subcontractor) thereby allowing you to consider projects larger than you ever imagined you could handle.  Unlike conventional approaches, at the onset you can be confident that a fellow user will produce as-built floor plan documentation in an accurate, timely, and standardized format, the hallmark of PLANSurveyor TM  and the I Q T Survey SystemTM.

No, one call to I Q T is all you need to make.  We are value-added resellers of all the hardware.  We can provide you with the complete system, or any of the individual components.  After a brief discussion, we will have the necessary information to produce a custom proposal to meet your organization’s needs.